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Završnica Srednje škole - Šibenik 2009 - 2. dio

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AsalaamuAlaykumWRWB, Dear Respected Brothers & Sisters:Insha'Allah this finds you all well in health and in a coastnnt state of taqwa and better-ed ibadat. Amiin.This is a very straight forward element most direly needed in our communities today. Insha'Allah, may Allah SWT grant us all freedom from difficult financial situations (including, but not limited to, riba) and relieve us of our debt of imaan. Amiin.
lmMDtrVTO    02.04.2013, 11:04:33
Thanks, Ellen! I've been happily wnkoirg on things like this! So fun to me! I made these with the My Memories software actually! Then I took a screen shot of each ticket and then added it as a photo to a Word doc so I could have them 20 to a page like that. I have been using the My Memories quite a lot lately for things like that and I'm really loving it! TPT is seriously an amazing invention! I don't know that I will end up selling anything but it's an easy way to share free stuff too!We start school August 22nd I think, but we have to report back the 13th.So true about June! Gotta have time to detox, ha!It was different for me this summer I've been in the July planning mode since April!!
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The pains are almost all due to wgeiht and/or repetitive stress (exacerbated by wgeiht). Gaining 10 lbs on vacation this year all the pains I had in my late 20s (prior to losing significant wgeiht) came rushing back. After losing the 10 5 since I feel much better.
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