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Presica Šibenik: Najava DP



iLDDAtOsC    13.02.2013, 15:44:26
, California in general, and the Bay Area in parucitlar has changed in the last 20 years, especially our younger adults. Far more younger workers appear to not care about there work performance, many bring personal or home problems to the workplace. That's a customer perspective! From the workers perspective, customers have changed too! I see a growing trend where customers frequently treat those who serve them as beneath them, where when greeted by a clerk, waiter or other service provider, the customer doesn't look at the provider or acknowledge the greeting. This was always part of the appeal and charm of Bear Valley, it wasn't the biggest or the fanciest. It doesn't offer casinos or tons of nightlife, but it was always friendly, and if you were a regular, you made acquaintances ..BTW, I havent switched to skiing at another resort, I just haven't skied in about 10 years

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