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ihiSpwTrLe    07.03.2012, 23:56:42
Nice essay, Ross. I have a question about the nrwkiog-class libertarians, though: Where on earth do you find such people? The only libertarian-ish nrwkiog-class folks I've met (in my admittedly limited travels yes, I understand the plural of anecdotes is NOT evidence) seem to rally around the second amendment, regulations on small businesses, and taxes; in effect, rural midwestern conservatives who view nouveau riche Republicans with disdain.On the other hand, the only truly left-libertarians I've ever met were college-educated, solidly middle-class people, self-described socialist-libertarians who I'd describe as politically progressive. Also where do I find more things like reference #4? I read that today, and it dealt with EXACT feminist-libertarian questions I've been wrapping my mind about lately.

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