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Galerija slika Vinkovci 2014

120140606_105218.jpg 120140606_105218.jpg

120140606_105726.jpg 120140606_105726.jpg

img_6256.jpg img_6256.jpg

120140606_101235.jpg 120140606_101235.jpg

img_3616.jpg img_3616.jpg

120140606_110148.jpg 120140606_110148.jpg

120140606_112541.jpg 120140606_112541.jpg

120140606_105320.jpg 120140606_105320.jpg

120140606_101054.jpg 120140606_101054.jpg

120140606_114715.jpg 120140606_114715.jpg

120140606_102345.jpg 120140606_102345.jpg

120140606_101144.jpg 120140606_101144.jpg

120140606_105443.jpg 120140606_105443.jpg

img_6227.jpg img_6227.jpg

img_6222.jpg img_6222.jpg

120140606_110321.jpg 120140606_110321.jpg

120140606_105652.jpg 120140606_105652.jpg

120140606_100956.jpg 120140606_100956.jpg

120140606_112620.jpg 120140606_112620.jpg

120140606_114401.jpg 120140606_114401.jpg

120140606_105254.jpg 120140606_105254.jpg

120140606_105659.jpg 120140606_105659.jpg

120140606_100941.jpg 120140606_100941.jpg

120140606_110109.jpg 120140606_110109.jpg

120140606_102328.jpg 120140606_102328.jpg

img_6305.jpg img_6305.jpg

img_3604.jpg img_3604.jpg

img_6247.jpg img_6247.jpg

120140606_114410.jpg 120140606_114410.jpg

120140606_114720.jpg 120140606_114720.jpg

120140606_114616.jpg 120140606_114616.jpg

120140606_114445.jpg 120140606_114445.jpg

img_3611.jpg img_3611.jpg

120140606_102408.jpg 120140606_102408.jpg

120140606_114437.jpg 120140606_114437.jpg

120140606_101047.jpg 120140606_101047.jpg

120140606_103357.jpg 120140606_103357.jpg

120140606_101159.jpg 120140606_101159.jpg

120140606_102549.jpg 120140606_102549.jpg

120140606_101332.jpg 120140606_101332.jpg

120140606_112918.jpg 120140606_112918.jpg

120140606_105446.jpg 120140606_105446.jpg

120140606_102121.jpg 120140606_102121.jpg

img_6211.jpg img_6211.jpg

120140606_114519.jpg 120140606_114519.jpg

120140606_105515.jpg 120140606_105515.jpg

120140606_114731.jpg 120140606_114731.jpg

120140606_112527.jpg 120140606_112527.jpg

120140606_113126.jpg 120140606_113126.jpg

120140606_100946.jpg 120140606_100946.jpg

120140606_113042.jpg 120140606_113042.jpg

20140606_114643_0_.jpg 20140606_114643_0_.jpg

img_6243.jpg img_6243.jpg

img_6238.jpg img_6238.jpg

120140606_112916.jpg 120140606_112916.jpg

img_3622.jpg img_3622.jpg

120140606_110110.jpg 120140606_110110.jpg

120140606_105525.jpg 120140606_105525.jpg


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There will be a day    26.11.2015, 02:34:45
There will be a day when someone will see the last book I ever oeenpd. A truth that keeps repeating in my mind. I'm not sure what it means to me, besides a feeling of clear sadness. I think I'll let it rest while I read.
So many, many things    26.11.2015, 01:52:20
So many, many things to ponedr on and think about, both your words and that of the poet too... ah! and I've yet to address those Plath photos. Thanks as always for tossing up high this ball of thoughts and ideas about seeing and looking and all else related and otherwise."how our own lungs, unfoldedand smoothed and pressed out flat,are the size of a spinnaker," many pleasing visuals, I'll have to return with sober head.g xo
This is a wonderful    26.11.2015, 01:33:37
This is a wonderful poem. Thank you for snarihg it with me. I also received a little package from Australia this week...! (It's the Dusty Hour") I really enjoyed it. It is a lovely little piece of moodiness, evocative of so many fleeting thoughts and emotions. Where I live we are transitioning from hot summer to the welcome coolness of fall. As I reread your poem, I was struck by the perfection with which it fits the spirit of my day today. Many thanks.
There is certainly s    26.11.2015, 01:24:48
There is certainly sneothimg different in the way we look at images today given the proliferation of them as you say. I hadn't noticed before I read this, but there is a need to 'find' sneothimg in the older, rarer images that I don't feel when looking at the overwhelming number of current images of people, places, things. There's a mystery in the way some of these older images were taken - the hidden reasons behind them and the lack of posing, that triggers a little lazy part of my brain into imagining the moment they were taken... what else was going on; what else could the image be trying to say?
Woolf: I don't neces    26.11.2015, 01:20:44
Woolf: I don't necessarily think they were 'the good old days', just dirnffeet. And yes, these photos of Plath are also in the unabridged version of her journals.Heather: me too, I love it when books 'talk'.Monika: I'm so glad to hear it arrived safely, thanks for letting me know - and of course, thanks for buying it!twinklingeyes: thanks :)Krista: I guess I just feel overwhelmed sometimes with the amount of images I see.Jen: you've described it well - I do feel lazy looking at pretty images lately, but older photographs, where the purpose and intent of the image isn't so clearly laid out, compel a less lazy response from me.Gracia: This poem is just full of surprising images, which to me are just as evocative as staring at photographs.Denise: In my case, it will most probably be the last books, not book - I rarely read one book alone.
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