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4.Dan univerzalne športske škole_3

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cLmXnZxhsxUq    26.12.2012, 07:57:17
Cris,A agree with you there. However, banning cell pnehos does not mean that students will actually stop bringing them to class and to school. Cells are here to stay, so we might as well use them to our benefit too.I've heard about cell phone's role in fights, however, I don't think that the solution to large fights, or fighting can come from limiting specific behaviors. I often wonder why we have such large secondary schools. Kids get lost in the mix, and relationships that matter are hard to foster. My graduating class was 640 students, and the school I'm currently at has about 60 this year in our 12th grade. In total our k-12 school has about 750 students. No I know that I'm at an international private school in Europe, and that is very different than the US is. However, I think that schools that look more like mine could become more common in the US given some effort. We would see a huge drop in violence and, I believe from what I've read, a higher GPA and lower drop out rates
Re:hzgf    09.06.2012, 15:41:49

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